Common Questions About Pigeons (Keeping, Breeding, and Food)

FAQs about Pigeons Keeping, Breeding, and Food:

Can You Sell Pigeons?

Pigeons are sold in the birds market. Similarly, you can sell them as well. However, this isn’t a legal guide to pigeon business or laws. Please consult your lawyer or check up on the local rules and regulations for birds.

What are pigeons favorite food?

Pigeons feed on grains including corn, peas, pearl millet, wheat, and sorghum. Also, read a blog post on how often you should feed pigeons.

What can Pigeons not eat?

Meat food and salt should never be fed to the pigeons.

Can a pigeon eat rice?

Pigeons can eat rice, but it’s not something you should feed them regularly.

What fruits and vegetables can pigeons eat?

Pigeons can eat lettuce, grapes, apples, and spinach. These are a few of the favorite fruits and vegetables of pigeons. These fruits and veggies are full of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that help pigeons stay healthy and strengthen their immune system.

What is the lifespan of pigeon?

The common lifespan of pigeons is between 6 to 8 years.

Why does others’ pigeon land on our rooftop?

Stray pigeons can land anywhere they see grain food or a suitable place to lay eggs. Pet pigeons, however, are a little bit different. If a random pet pigeon lands on your rooftop, it means either it’s lost, or it’s starving for food or water. Pigeons stop by at the rooftop where they see either food like grains or they see other pigeons in the cage.

What should you do if someone else’s pigeon has come along with your pigeons?

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You should look out for the pigeon ring in the feet. That’s where the phone number of the pigeon owner is often printed. If there is no ring, then nothing you can do about it other than reaching out to the pigeon breeders or fanciers in the area. Maybe, share the picture in the pigeons-related Facebook group from your city or post on other social media as well.

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