What are the Symptoms of Sick Pigeon?

What are the Symptoms of Sick Pigeon?

Pigeon breeders and fanciers are good at taking care of the pigeons; they know the symptoms of the sick pigeons. Therefore, they easily identify the disease by noticing the symptoms of sick pigeons. I knew some of the symptoms of sick pigeons, but there were loads of them which I wasn’t aware of, but I … Read more

Why Do Pigeons Throw Up?

Why Do Pigeons Throw Up?

Why do pigeons throw up? If you’ve been looking for an answer to that question, then you’re at the right place. Throwing up in pigeon isn’t a strange thing. However, it showcases that something is up. Pigeons throw up when there is something wrong with them.  Furthermore, I dug deeper into pigeons throwing up and … Read more

What Can You Feed to Pigeons?

what to feed to pigeons

If you’re wondering what you can feed to pigeons, whether they’re pet pigeons or stray pigeons on the roads, you should know what pigeon food consists of.  Let’s focus on the pet pigeons because you might have got a pigeon pair or two at home, and now you’re wondering what can you feed them.  One … Read more

How Often Should You Feed Pigeons?

Have you ever wondered how often you should feed pigeons? If you’ve just landed here because you’ve got the pigeons at home and now you want an answer from the internet, then you’re at the right place. If you were a pigeon breeder or a professional pigeon expert, you would have a definite answer for … Read more

How to tell if Pigeons are Healthy

how to tell if pigeons are healthy

Healthy pigeons are a blessing for pigeon breeders and pigeon lovers. If you just got pigeons at home or you’re getting into pigeon breeding, but have no idea how to tell if pigeons are healthy, then you’re about to learn a whole lot about the pigeons’ health and diseases.  It’s okay if you don’t know … Read more

How to Keep Pigeons Healthy

Have you just got pigeons at home and want to know how to keep them healthy? Well, that’s great. It’s necessary to take care of the pigeons, and it comes in several ways, for example, shelter, food, and health. Essentially, health is one of the key things pigeon breeders and experts pay close attention to, … Read more