Baby Pigeon Food | Here is what to Feed them!

Finding a baby pigeon on the ground is a very emotional scene and if you are an ornithologist then you can’t stop yourself helping that beautiful little creature. You have probably never seen a wild baby pigeon because they are kept in the nest until they are able to fly, but, sometimes they do try to fly and fall from the nest to the ground.

If you keep them as pet and baby pigeon is newly born, the first thought that worries us is how you would feed them and what food your baby pigeons would like? Well, if they are with their MAMA, you won’t have to worry much as she’ll take care of feeding its baby.

However, most of the time you see a pigeon in wild and you bring that to your home. The next step is always the same that what to feed them without their mother? Here in this article, we’ll discuss what and how should you feed the baby pigeons.

What food you can feed your baby pigeons with? You can feed baby pigeons with commercial formulas available in the market, fruits, and vegetables by chopping them well. If neither formulas nor fruits and veggies are available, you can use bread in an emergency. If food is liquid, feed it using a syringe and if it’s something solid like grains, feed them in small portions. You’ll have to feed them for around four weeks and then they learn to feed themselves on their own. Avocado is reported as toxic for them so avoid giving it to them.

Feeding Commercial Formulas to baby pigeons:

In the market many formulas for birds are available. You can order the one at home and by following directions on the jar you can mix it with water and feed it to the baby. Remember, they need a proper balance of water, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. So, the commercial feeds contain these components in the right quantity.

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But, what to do if there is no such store near-by? Or you can’t afford to buy any commercial product? Can you feed them with stuff available at home? Well, yes. So, don’t worry!

How to Make Baby Pigeon Food at home

Naturally, pigeons love to eat a variety of grains, seeds, greens, barriers, fruits. When in the wild, they seldom eat small insects, snails, and earthworms. Here is one way to make the food for them using ingredients available at home.

Feeding Pigeons Fruits and Vegetables:

You can make their food at home. First, rinse vegetables and fruits to remove all the chemicals on their surface. It is not necessary to peel off them. Finally, chop veggies, greens, and fruits to a size that it can eat easily and give it to the baby pigeon. Treat it like a child, place the fruits and veggies separately and see which portion your baby pigeon consumes more. Now, plan the next diet accordingly.

Can baby pigeons eat bread?

Now, what if you also do not have any fruits and veggies left in your fridge? Generally, we all have bread in our fridges most of the time. You can use it as an alternative to fruits and vegetables. If bread crumb is available, you are allowed to use it as well.  Simply, soak the bread or bread crumbs into the hot water. Wait until it gets soften and get converted into a soft mixture. Leave it for half an hour. Blend the mixture and filter it with a sieve. All the lumps will be filtered out and a homogenous mixture will be prepared. Food is ready!

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Feed it to the baby pigeon but avoid giving it consistently as bread does not have all the nutrition as needed by the baby and it should only be used when nothing is available.

How to Feed Baby Pigeons by hand?

The next headache is how to feed them? You are not their parent than what method should be used? The syringe is the solution if the food is liquid. Remove the needle of the syringe to pull up the food. Tie a rubber on its wide end and make a hole in which the beak of the baby pigeon can fit. The baby will drink the food as it does from the mouth of its parent.

It is quite easy to use as you can give the measured amount of food because it has a scale on it. You can also use an egg cup to feed. Fill the cup with food and tilt it slightly and dip the beak of pigeon into it. The next process is the same. If the food is solid in the form of balls then pop the balls gently into their mouth. Do this one by one and done.

How often should you feed baby pigeons?

You obviously cannot feed them all the time. Their feeding should be on time but how to know that when the baby pigeon is hungry? It is not a human baby who will cry and tell you that I am hungry you have to check it yourself.

The crop of the baby pigeon will let you know if the baby is looking for food or not. The crop is the organ that is used for storing food by pigeons. It is found between its throat and stomach. Gently touch and feel the area from outside. If it is totally flat then it’s time to feed the baby but if it is not completely flat, do not feed the pigeon. Check the crop again. Keep noticing the crop until It swells like a balloon. It means the baby is full now. Do not overfeed it.

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When can baby pigeons feed themselves?

You don’t have to feed the food to your baby pigeon for a lifetime. When they are 20-25 days old. They can feed themselves but first, you have to train them. Place their food bowl where old pigeons eat. The baby pigeon will see them feeding and will try to mimic it and by doing this it will learn to feed itself. And now it can take care of itself.

Remember no two birds are the same. Some take less time to develop and some take more time so keep caring for them and if you cannot handle them give them to the wildlife department. They will take care of your baby pigeon

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