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Why Pigeons Abandon their Eggs

Are you wondering why pigeons abandon their eggs? If you have pigeons, you must have seen this behavior or you might see this at some point. I finally found an answer to why pigeons abandon eggs, which I’ll share with you in the blog post. You may be worried about why they’re doing it

How to Clip Pigeons’ Wings: A Complete Guide

Are you wondering how to clip pigeons’ wings? Well, I’m here to share with you what I’ve seen and learned about how to cut pigeons’ wings to keep them healthy as well as to keep them as pets.  Some of you might be new to all this pigeon stuff, and you might wonder, why

Why Do Pigeons Throw Up?

Why do pigeons throw up? If you’ve been looking for an answer to that question, then you’re at the right place. Throwing up in pigeon isn’t a strange thing. However, it showcases that something is up. Pigeons throw up when there is something wrong with them.  Furthermore, I dug deeper into pigeons throwing up

Why Do Baby Pigeons Die?

Are you wondering why baby pigeons die? If you’re looking for an answer to that question, then there are two possible reasons why you’re interested in the answer.  1. It means you have had some experience of breeding pigeons as a beginner in the field 2. You’ve seen some pigeons build their nest in

What Kind of Pigeons Cage is Better?

Are you brainstorming what kind of pigeon cage is better? You might be thinking because you want to get a pet pigeons at home. We have built both concrete and wooden pigeon cages. So after getting both types of pigeon cages constructed at home, so I’m in the position to comment on this one.

What Can You Feed to Pigeons?

If you’re wondering what you can feed to pigeons, whether they’re pet pigeons or stray pigeons on the roads, you should know what pigeon food consists of.  Let’s focus on the pet pigeons because you might have got a pigeon pair or two at home, and now you’re wondering what can you feed them. 

What Are Pigeons Scared Of?

Pigeons are a peaceful and sweet bird. It’s one of the reasons why pigeons get scared of predators so quickly. They have an alarming sense which alerts than when they notice a predator around. Have you ever seen pigeons start to make specific confusing “cou-cou” noise when they’re scared of something? I’ll tell you

What are the Pigeon Rings? Why Do Pigeon Breeders Put Them?

Have you ever thought about what those pigeon rings are? Or, why do pigeon breeders put them in pigeons’ paws? Well, I have the answer to your queries. Make sure to subscribe to this blog for everything you need to know about pigeons, pigeon food, pigeon breeding, and pigeons’ health. Let’s get back to

How to Make Money by Buying and Selling Pigeons

I want to talk about how you can make money by buying and selling pigeons. So basically, if you’re interested in flipping stuff, it might attract you. However, you have to be a pigeon fancier to make it work. If making money is the only goal here and you don’t have any interest in

Common Questions About Pigeons (Keeping, Breeding, and Food)

FAQs about Pigeons Keeping, Breeding, and Food: Can You Sell Pigeons? Pigeons are sold in the birds market. Similarly, you can sell them as well. However, this isn’t a legal guide to pigeon business or laws. Please consult your lawyer or check up on the local rules and regulations for birds. What are pigeons