How Can I Shoot Pigeons On My Roof?

You can shoot pigeons on your roof by using a pellet gun.

If you’re looking to get rid of some pesky pigeons on your roof, there are a few things you can do. For one, you can try to scare them off by making loud noises or spraying them with water. If that doesn’t work, you can try to trap them or shoot them.

If you decide to trap them, you’ll need to set up a cage trap with some food inside to lure them in. Once they’re inside, the door will close behind them and they’ll be trapped. You can then release them somewhere else or call animal control to come and pick them up.

If you decide to shoot them, you’ll need to be careful not to hit any nearby buildings or people. The best time to shoot is early in the morning or late at night when there aren’t many people around. You can use a BB gun or a pellet gun to shoot the pigeons. Just aim for their head or body and pull the trigger.

How Can I Shoot Pigeons On My Roof

How to Shoot Pigeons on Your Roof Safely?

Shooting pigeons on your roof can be a safe activity if done correctly. It’s important to always use the proper safety gear, including eye and ear protection. You should also make sure you know what you’re shooting at and where it will go once you pull the trigger.

  • Scare them off: Start by making loud noises or using bright lights to scare the pigeons away from your roof.
  • Use traps or nets: If scaring them off doesn’t work, consider using traps or nets to catch the pigeons.
  • Check traps regularly: Make sure to check the traps regularly to avoid leaving the pigeons trapped for too long, which can result in their death.
  • Shooting them: As a last resort, you can consider shooting the pigeons. Be extremely cautious not to shoot near any windows or people, and ensure to clean up any mess afterward.
  • Patience and trial and error: With patience and experimentation, you should be able to remove the pigeons from your roof without causing harm to anyone or anything else in the process.
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Can People Get a Permit to Shoot Birds on Their Property?

In the UK, individuals do not require a hunting license to shoot birds on their property. However, they need a registered and insured shotgun, as well as permission to shoot on the land if it is not public/common land. Some laws regulate which wildlife can be shot, with some animals needing special licenses.

Pigeon hunting in the UK is not as common as it once was when the birds were hunted for food, and the regulations about shooting birds on your property specifically refer to landowners. In the USA, pigeon (dove) hunting is more widespread and considered a game sport.

The Eurasian collared dove, an invasive species, is not protected, and dove hunting is allowed year-round with a license. It is important to note that these regulations apply to hunting as a practice, not as a remedy to a pest problem.

Can I Shoot Pigeons on My Roof? What Does the US Law Say?

The USA signed the Migratory Bird Treaty Act in 1918 to protect migratory birds, including five species of pigeons. Therefore, shooting migratory birds, such as pigeons, on your property is illegal.

However, feral pigeons are not protected under this act, so you can shoot them on your roof. Homing pigeons also cannot be shot, even on your property, as the owner can take legal action against you. Additionally, discharging a firearm near residences is considered unlawful in most states.

This means that shooting pigeons on your roof can pose a risk to people, other animals, and property, and may not be covered by home insurance. Therefore, firing a weapon is only justified if it is used to defend against intruders. Ultimately, it is important to consider the legal implications and potential risks before shooting pigeons on your property.

Can I Shoot Pigeons on My Roof? Is It Illegal In the UK?

In the UK, it is illegal to harm or kill wild birds, including pigeons, under chapter 69 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. However, the Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs has a licensing system that allows property owners to drive pigeons away from their property.

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While you do not have to apply for a license, it is important to follow the terms of the law when taking action against pigeons on your roof or property. According to the regulations, non-lethal actions should be used first to drive pigeons away.

This can include spraying water or creating loud noises as the initial steps. Therefore, shooting pigeons on your roof or property is illegal in the UK under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

What Are the Alternatives to Shooting Pigeons?

Shooting pigeons on your roof should only be considered a last resort. There are some humane and non-lethal methods of removing pigeons from your property that are both legal and effective. These include:

1. Use Trapping Methods

  • Lethal traps like cages can be used to effectively eliminate pigeons.
  • Caution must be exercised to avoid injuries and pigeons may learn to avoid traps over time.
  • Live traps can also be used, but the captured birds must be immediately killed via lethal methods.

2. Consider Non-lethal Deterrents

  • Non-lethal methods such as scare tactics, visual deterrents, and netting can be used to keep pigeons away from your property.
  • These methods are humane and can be effective in deterring pigeons without causing harm.

3. Seek Professional Assistance

  • Contact a pest control expert or a wildlife management professional to handle the pigeon problem.
  • They can provide humane ways to deter pigeons and relocate them without resorting to killing.

4. Improving Sanitation

  • Keeping your property clean and free of food sources can discourage pigeons from roosting and nesting.
  • By removing their access to food, water, and shelter, pigeons may be less inclined to stay in the area.

5. Install Physical Barriers

  • Use physical barriers such as spikes, nets, or wire mesh to prevent pigeons from landing and roosting on your property.
  • These barriers can help eliminate the need for lethal methods by simply making the area inhospitable for pigeons.


Which airgun can I use to shoot pigeons?

To shoot pigeons, it is recommended to use an airgun with muzzle energy under 12 ft-lb. Anything above this power level could be considered a lethal firearm.

Can I shoot pigeons in my garden?

In the US, it is generally permissible to shoot pigeons in your garden, unless they are migratory birds and as long as you are not engaging in unlawful firearm discharge. However, in the UK, there are licensing regulations that need to be followed to shoot pigeons in your garden.

What Kind Of Ammunition Should I Use To Shoot Pigeons On My Roof?

You should use birdshot ammunition to shoot pigeons on your roof. Birdshots is a type of shotgun ammunition that is specifically designed to kill birds. It is relatively small and will not cause too much damage to your roof.

How Can I Shoot Pigeons On My Roof Without Damaging My Property?

To deal with pigeons on your roof without causing any damage, you can use a pellet gun. There are a few methods to get rid of pigeons without harming your property. One option is to install a bird net to catch and remove the pigeons. Another option is to use bird spikes, which will discourage the pigeons from landing on your roof and eventually force them to leave.

How Can I Clean Up After Shooting Pigeons On My Roof?

Cleaning up after shooting pigeons on your roof can be done by using a shovel to remove the carcasses and then hosing down the area to remove any debris.


While shooting pigeons on your roof may seem like a tempting solution, it’s important to consider alternative and humane methods of pigeon control. From installing deterrents to seeking professional assistance, there are plenty of options available that will keep your roof pigeon-free without resorting to violence.

Remember, it’s not just about solving the problem, but doing so compassionately and responsibly.

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