How to Attract Pigeons to Your Garden: Tips and Tricks

To attract pigeons to your garden, you can use a pigeon feeder and seed. Pigeons are attracted to areas with a regular source of food, so setting up a bird feeder with their favorite seeds can draw them to your yard or balcony. You can also provide a water source, such as a bird bath, for them to drink and bathe in.

Additionally, making improvements to your yard, such as adding well-pruned bushes, can help attract pigeons. Keep in mind that feeding pigeons is illegal in some areas, so be sure to check local regulations.

If you’re able to attract them, you can enjoy watching these docile birds stay busy during the day. Just remember that if you attract pigeons, you may also attract other birds and animals, so be prepared to share your space.

How To Attract Pigeons

What Is The Best Way To Attract Pigeons?

The best way to attract pigeons is to provide them with a food source and a place to drink. You can set out a dish of water for them to drink and put out a tray of bird seed or other food that they like to eat.

Another way is to build a nesting box for them and place it in an area where they can find it. By doing this, you can expect the pigeons to start visiting your yard on a regular basis.

What Do Pigeons Like To Eat?

Pigeons like to eat a variety of foods, such as grains, seeds, fruits, greens, and insects. They are also attracted to bird feeders with sunflower seeds, millet, cracked corn, and other types of birdseed.

  • Seeds: Pigeons love seeds and will eat them right out of your hand. Make sure to fill a bird feeder with high-quality seed mix to attract them.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Pigeons enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, especially grapes, apples, and carrots. Offering some of your garden produce can attract local pigeons.
  • Bread: Pigeons happily eat bread, but avoid feeding them moldy bread as it can make them sick.
  • Bird Feed: Special bird feed designed for pigeons can be found at most pet stores or online.
  • Water: Pigeons need fresh water to drink, so ensure that a birdbath is always filled with water.
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If you want to attract pigeons to your yard or home, offering them a variety of food is a great way to do it. Just make sure to offer a mix of seeds, fruits, vegetables, and fresh water to keep them happy and healthy.

Tips to Attract Pigeons to Your Balcony

Attracting pigeons to your balcony is a great way to enjoy their company without the mess of having them in your garden. Here are some useful tips for attracting them:

1. Give a Pigeon-Friendly Food Like Grains and Seeds:

Provide pigeons with a nutritious diet by offering seeds and grains like millet, barley, wheat, sorghum, and sunflower seeds. Special pigeon seed mixes are available to ensure they get the nutrients they need. Additionally, you can add greens and vegetables like lettuce, kale, and carrots to their diet.

2. Use a Feeder Suitable for Pigeons:

Consider scattering food on your balcony floor or invest in a feeding table or hanging feeding tray. A hanging platform bird feeder is also a good option if you have limited space.

3. Feed at Regular Times to Provide a Routine:

Establish a feeding routine, either in the morning or late afternoon, to encourage pigeons to return to your balcony. Regulate the amount of food you put out to prevent wastage and encourage them to eat a variety of seeds.

4. Provide a Source of Clean Water:

Offer fresh water in a shallow container for pigeons to drink. They immerse their beaks to swallow water, so ensure the container has a little depth to it.

5. Watch From a Distance While Feeding Pigeons:

Give the pigeons space and time to get used to the feeding environment. Initially, watch from a distance or from inside to avoid scaring them away. Be patient and avoid sudden movements while observing from your balcony.

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6. Keep Pets Indoors During Pigeons’ Feeding Time:

Cats, in particular, can scare off pigeons, so keep them indoors when putting out pigeon food.

7. Add Plants to Your Balcony to Make It Welcoming:

Adding plants to your balcony will give it a naturalistic feel and provide hiding places for pigeons.

8. Provide Somewhere for Pigeons to Nest:

Install a high shelf on the house wall of your balcony for pigeons to nest, and provide shelter over it if needed. Consider providing nesting materials like straw or twigs.

9. Remove Brightly-Colored Moving Objects:

Remove brightly colored or shiny moving objects like windmills or twirlers, as they can deter pigeons. Replace these with plants to create a more welcoming feeding environment for the pigeons.


How do I attract pigeons to my balcony?

Offer them a variety of food such as seeds, fruits, vegetables and bread. Ensure there is a clean source of water and provide a sheltered spot for nesting. Add plants and remove brightly colored moving objects that can deter the birds.

How often should I feed the pigeons?

Establish a feeding routine, either in the morning or late afternoon, to encourage pigeons to return to your balcony. Regulate the amount of food you put out to prevent wastage and encourage them to eat a variety of seeds.

Will specific plants or flowers attract pigeons?

Pigeons are particularly fond of grains and seeds. While they might not be attracted to specific plants or flowers, having a garden with a variety of seeds, such as sunflowers or millet, can indirectly lure them to your garden.

Are there any specific feeding times that pigeons prefer?

Pigeons are often active during the early morning and late afternoon. Having food available during these times can increase the chances of attracting them to your garden.

How do I make my garden pigeon-friendly without causing problems?

To make your garden appealing to pigeons without causing issues, ensure that the food is placed in suitable feeders or trays to avoid mess and waste. Regularly clean the feeding area to prevent the buildup of droppings.

Will other birds be attracted if I try to lure pigeons into my garden?

Pigeons might share the feeding area with other birds that feed on similar grains and seeds, such as doves or certain types of finches. However, using specific feeders or locations might help control which birds are attracted.

How can I deter pigeons if they become too numerous?

If pigeons become overwhelming, reducing the available food and changing feeding times can discourage them. Additionally, using deterrents like bird spikes or physical barriers can prevent pigeons from roosting in specific areas of the garden.


If you’re looking to attract pigeons, these tips will surely help you create a welcoming environment for these fascinating creatures. Remember, patience and consistency are key. By providing food, water, and shelter, you’ll soon have a flock of pigeons gracing your surroundings with their beauty and charm.

So, get ready to embrace the joy of pigeon watching and let these magnificent birds add a touch of serenity to your everyday life. Happy pigeon attracting!

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