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How Often Should You Feed Pigeons?

Have you ever wondered how often you should feed pigeons? If you’ve just landed here because you’ve got the pigeons at home and now you want an answer from the internet, then you’re at the right place. If you were a pigeon breeder or a professional pigeon expert, you would have a definite answer

Does Rain Affect Pigeons?

You must be worried about pigeons, especially it’s raining. Well, I’ll try to share what I learned recently about pigeons. Since we have pigeons at home, and my Uncle is a pigeons breeder and seller. So I know a few things about pigeons. Plus, when I don’t have an answer to a question, I

What are Pigeon Pairing Mistakes?

Are you concerned about making pigeon pairing mistakes? If you’re skeptical about your pigeon pairing or pigeon breeding techniques, then this blog post could be a lightning rod for you.  In case, you’re new to pigeons and have no idea what pigeon pairing is, then let me shed some light on that first.  Pigeon

How to tell if Pigeons are Healthy

Healthy pigeons are a blessing for pigeon breeders and pigeon lovers. If you just got pigeons at home or you’re getting into pigeon breeding, but have no idea how to tell if pigeons are healthy, then you’re about to learn a whole lot about the pigeons’ health and diseases.  It’s okay if you don’t

How to Pair Up Pigeons for Breeding

Pairing up pigeons may seem an impossible thing until you learn the process through research or ask your pigeon experts about how to pair up pigeons for breeding.  Once you go through the process of pairing up pigeons, it won’t be a big deal.  I’ve seen my Uncle pair up thousands of pigeons over

How to Keep Pigeons Safe from Predators

Keeping pigeons safe from predators is one of those necessary things that every pigeon fancier is aware of. Pigeon breeders and fanciers try to keep their pigeons healthy, but it doesn’t mean it’s enough. Pigeons’ safety against predators is crucial to the whole process. However, you won’t find every pigeon breeder or fancier taking

How to Keep Pigeons Healthy

Have you just got pigeons at home and want to know how to keep them healthy? Well, that’s great. It’s necessary to take care of the pigeons, and it comes in several ways, for example, shelter, food, and health. Essentially, health is one of the key things pigeon breeders and experts pay close attention

How to Breed Pigeons Faster

If you just got a pair of pigeons at home or you just paired up a male and female pigeons, then you must be excited to know how or when those pigeons would breed. In fact, you want to know how to breed pigeons faster so that you could see the pigeons family grow.

How to Make Pigeon Nest

If you’re wondering how to make pigeon nest, then it means either you want to get pigeons as in pets at home or you’re trying out to help out stray pigeons that sit on your balcony or window. I’ll help guide you how you can make pigeon nest at home — don’t worry, I’ll

Pigeon Keeping for Beginners: How to Get Started

Are you getting into pigeons these days? If yes, then you must be excited to get to know the basics of pigeon keeping for beginners. I have been seeing and learning everything about pigeons for almost 15 years. We have pigeons since our childhood. Plus, my father has been keeping pigeons in the household