What Are Pigeons Scared Of?

Have you ever wondered what pigeons are scared of? Pigeons, often found in urban environments, are known for their adaptability and ability to thrive in various settings. However, even these seemingly fearless birds have their own set of fears and anxieties. Understanding what pigeons are scared of can help us better coexist with these birds in our cities and neighborhoods.

Pigeons Are Scared Of The Following Predators:

  • 1. Hawks
  • 2. Shikras
  • 3. Cats
  • 4. Owls
  • 5. Crows
What Are Pigeons Scared Of

What Are Pigeons Scared Of

Predators that scare pigeons include hawks, shikra, cats, owls, and crows.

1. Hawks

Hawks are natural predators that prey on smaller birds, including pigeons. Their size, speed, and predatory instincts give them an advantage over pigeons. If a hawk spots a pigeon in the sky, the pigeon is unlikely to escape.

2. Shikra

Shikra, also known as the little banded goshawk, is a bird of prey found in Asia and Africa. They are smaller than hawks but larger than pigeons. Like hawks, Shikra poses a threat to pigeons and can easily attack and capture them.

3. Cats

Cats are skilled predators with the instincts of lions and tigers. They can silently approach and chase their prey, making it challenging for pigeons to escape. Cats can enter pigeon cages and capture pigeons, especially those sitting on eggs.

4. Owls

Pigeons are scared of owls because owls are natural predators of pigeons. When a pigeon sees something that resembles an owl, it assumes that it is in danger and will fly away to protect itself. This is why fake owls are often used to scare off birds in gardens and on boats. Pigeons are not known for being intelligent, so they are easily frightened by the presence of an owl-like object.

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5. Crows

While not highly aggressive towards pigeons, a group of crows can chase and potentially harm a pigeon. There have been instances of crows entering pigeon cages and stealing eggs or young pigeons. However, crows are less likely to attack or scare pigeons if there are people or dogs nearby.

It’s important for pigeon owners to be aware of these predators and take appropriate measures to protect their pigeons from potential harm.

Do Fake Qwls Scare Away Pigeons

Fake owls are not very effective at scaring away pigeons for a long period of time. While initially birds may be scared and avoid landing in the area, they quickly realize that the owl is not a threat and will return. It’s best to use a combination of deterrent methods to effectively keep pigeons away.

Are Pigeons Scared of Scarecrows

Scarecrows are not very effective at scaring off pigeons. While scarecrows can be effective at scaring away crows and blackbirds, pigeons and seagulls are not as easily frightened. So, if you’re dealing with a pigeon problem, you may need to consider other methods to deter them.

Do Sound Or Reflected Light Scare Away Pigeons

Yes, sound or reflected light can scare away pigeons. To deter pigeons from your patio, deck, or balcony, you can use items like wind chimes, Mylar balloons, aluminum foil pans, or hanging CD’s to create sound or reflect light. The disorientation caused by the reflected light can make the birds uncomfortable and discourage them from staying.

Are Pigeons Scared of Water

Pigeons are not inherently scared of water, but they may avoid areas with water if it makes them feel vulnerable or if it disrupts their food sources. Pigeons can be scared away by spraying them with water. They do not like getting wet, so using a garden hose to spray them can effectively make them leave the area. This method is a safe and non-harmful way to deter pigeons.

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Do Pigeons Fear Humans

Pigeons are generally afraid of humans, especially in settings where humans are not feeding them. In places like parks or the Piazza San Marco in Venice, where pigeons are used to being fed by humans, they may not be as afraid and may approach you. However, in most situations, pigeons will scatter when humans approach.


How can I scare pigeons away from my property?

One way to scare pigeons away is by using strong spices like black pepper, chili, or cinnamon. You can make spice bags or spread these spices around areas where pigeons like to nest. However, you’ll need to replace the spices regularly for them to continue being effective. You can scare pigeons away by using visual deterrents such as scarecrows or reflective surfaces, as well as sound deterrents like ultrasonic devices or loud noises. You can also make your property less appealing to pigeons by removing food sources and sealing off entry points.

Why are pigeons scared of owls?

Pigeons are scared of owls because owls are natural predators of pigeons. When a pigeon sees something that resembles an owl, it assumes that it is in danger and will fly away to protect itself. This is why fake owls are often used to scare off birds in gardens and on boats.

Can I use chemicals to scare pigeons away?

It’s not recommended to use chemicals to scare pigeons away, as this may harm the pigeons and pose a risk to other wildlife and pets in the area.

What should I do if I have a pigeon infestation on my property?

If you have a pigeon infestation, it’s best to consult with a professional pest control service to safely and effectively remove the pigeons from your property.


In conclusion, pigeons are scared of a variety of things, including loud noises, sudden movements, and predators such as hawks, shikra, cats, owls, and crows. By understanding these fears, we can take steps to create a more comfortable environment for pigeons, whether it be in urban areas or in our own backyard.

By providing shelter, reducing noise, and minimizing the presence of potential predators, we can help pigeons feel safer and thrive in their environment. It is important to be mindful of their fears and take steps to mitigate them, as they play an important role in our ecosystem. With a better understanding of what scares pigeons, we can work towards coexisting with them in a more harmonious way.

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