What are the Pigeon Rings? Why Do Pigeon Breeders Put Them?

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What are the Pigeon Rings?

Pigeon rings are what they seem like. They’re rings for pigeons that pigeon breeders put in pigeons’ paws. There isn’t a specific reason why breeders and experts put pigeon rings to their pigeons. However, I researched and found out that there are multiple reasons for putting those rings in pigeons’ paws.

Furthermore, it’s not something compulsory for new pigeon lovers to get them and put them to their pigeons’ paws. Once you read out why pigeon rings are being used, you’d understand that you might not even need them yet.

What are the pigeon rings?

Here are three fundamental reasons why pigeon breeders put pigeon rings to their pigeons:

1. To Beautify the Pigeons

Beautification is essential, even in animals and birds. Therefore, pigeon breeders put pigeon rings to all or some of their pigeons. They look attractive and make pigeons standout. Plus, those rings aren’t that expensive, so they mostly get them in bulk quantity for the future. Pigeon breeders and experts get their customized pigeon rings designed with their phone numbers printed on them. Anyway, the beautification of pigeon is one of the reasons why breeders use those rings.

2. For Identification Purpose

The second most important reason why pigeon breeders use pigeon rings is the identification of the pigeons. They can get a specific type of pigeon rings or multiple pigeon rings to differentiate the pigeons. For example, it’s often necessary to separate the high-flying pigeons from the rest of the pigeon.

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Moreover, in some cases, pigeons experts and breeders want to keep the newly bought pigeons separate or a specific breed of pigeons different from the rest.

3. To Get Contacted (Just In Case)

One of the reasons why pigeon breeders and experts put pigeon rings to their pigeons is to have their contact number printed on the pigeon rings. They want to make sure that they could get contacted in case they lose their pigeons.

There are many reasons why a pigeon can lose track, especially if weather conditions aren’t ideal. It mostly happens to high-flying pigeons, which get lost due to heavy raining or thunderstorms. They often land somewhere safe, especially where they see other pigeons. If they land at someone’s house and get their hands on the pigeon, they could quickly look at the pigeon ring’s phone number and contact the owner.

So these were the three main reasons why pigeon lovers and pigeon breeders use pigeon rings.

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Would you consider getting your customized pigeon rings or not?

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