How to Breed Pigeons Faster

If you just got a pair of pigeons at home or you just paired up a male and female pigeons, then you must be excited to know how or when those pigeons would breed.

In fact, you want to know how to breed pigeons faster so that you could see the pigeons family grow. It’s understandable why pigeons owners want to breed pigeons faster. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a pigeon breeder or just like to have pigeons at home; every pigeon lover wants his/her pigeons to mate and lay eggs faster.

Please be advised that I’m no pigeon expert. I did my research on how to breed pigeons and how to make them lay eggs faster, which was based on an informal interview with a pigeon breeder as well as the internet searching. 

As a result of my research, I found out that there are actually a handful of ways to breed pigeons faster, which I’m about to share with you.

This way, you would also learn something new about pigeon breeding whether you want return-on-investment or just want to make your pigeon numbers grow at home.

how to breed pigeons faster

How to Breed Pigeons Faster

Here are four ways to breed your pigeons faster that are tried-and-tested by the pigeon breeders out there:

1. Provide a good-quality pigeon food

Pigeon food is an essential part of growth and breeding. If you aren’t feeding your pigeons, they won’t be energetic, healthy, and fit to fly or mate. Growth plays an important role in pigeons breeding. You might not if a pigeon gets sick, it becomes impossible for him to mate with the partner.

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So play close attention to the pigeons’ food. You might come across different types of pigeon foods on the market. Don’t feed your pigeons cheap and unhealthy pigeon foods. What good is it going to do if your pigeons can’t breed or even stay healthy? So always try to feed your pigeons the best-quality pigeons food.

2. Let the pigeons pair up properly

It’s necessary to give your pigeons pair a good amount of time before you expect them to start breeding, meaning, laying eggs and start their family. Normally, pigeon experts and breeders provide pigeons a different cage to bond together and usually separate them from the rest of the pigeons so that they could concentrate on each other without any distractions. Most of the time, it works. Sometimes, they keep both the pigeons in the same cage with others but put them in a single compartment/box. The benefit of doing so is that when they pair up, they also take up that box and make it their home.

However, if you have multiple unpaired pigeons (both male and female) and you put them in a beautiful cage and hope that they would pair up as you want them to pair, then it won’t happen. You may end up pairing the wrong pigeons. So be careful with pairing up your pigeons because it’s the basic step to make your pigeons breed faster.   

3. Provide the suitable environment

Providing a suitable environment isn’t just necessary for breeding, but it’s also important for the growth and well-being of the pigeons. Any pet animal or bird won’t survive if you don’t make necessary arrangements such as shelter, water, housing, and food.

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As far as breeding pigeons faster is concerned, if there are stray cats around, the pigeons might be alert all the time. Similarly, if you don’t guard your pigeons or you live in the countryside or somewhere near trees in abundance, you might as well have to worry about the other predators like Shikra and Hawks.

4. Put eggs under some other pairs

One of the tricks to breed faster or to lay eggs faster is to put the eggs under some other pairs who also laid eggs in the same period. The breeders use this trick to breed pigeons faster. What happens is that when the eggs are gone, the pigeon pair mate again and lay eggs again in a few days. There is a chance you could end up getting more baby pigeons of the same pair.

FAQs about Breeding Pigeons

How do you make pigeons lay eggs faster?

If you want your pigeons to lay eggs faster, then you need to provide them with the suitable environment, the right food, and healthy conditions. Once everything is up to the mark, chances are, it will make pigeons lay eggs faster.

How do you get pigeons to breed?

It’s necessary that pigeons pair up properly. You shouldn’t put your hopes high if you brought two random pigeons (male and female) and put them in a cage. Once the pigeons have paired up properly, then they’d think about expanding the family. For instance, one of the signs your pigeon pair is getting ready to mate and lay eggs is that they start making their nest even in the cage. Furthermore, you’d also notice that male pigeons would always be following the female pigeons. It can be seen when you have pigeons at home.

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How fast do pigeons breed?

If you’re wondering, how many times a pair of pigeons breed or the female pigeon lays eggs in a year, then here is your answer: pigeons breed six times a year. Every time a pigeon lays two eggs, if everything goes right, a pair of pigeon could end up making 12 baby pigeons. However, a baby pigeon becomes adult and ready to mate in 5 to 6 months of birth.

At what age do pigeons start breeding?

Most pigeon breeders and experts believe that it takes 5 to 6 months for a pigeon to reach its maturity and the age of breeding. However, some believe that it 7 months is the age when a pigeon becomes ready for breeding. You shouldn’t worry about the exact age of your pigeon, they have the natural instincts that tell them what to do.

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