Does Rain Affect Pigeons?

You must be worried about pigeons, especially it’s raining. Well, I’ll try to share what I learned recently about pigeons. Since we have pigeons at home, and my Uncle is a pigeons breeder and seller. So I know a few things about pigeons. Plus, when I don’t have an answer to a question, I turn to him for an answer. 

So, I asked him the very question: does rain affect pigeons?

He explained to me that it depends on various things that I’ll be sharing with you all so that you could protect your pigeons when it’s raining.

I asked him a series of questions about whether or not pigeons get affected by the rain.

So let me share everything with you. 

does rain affect pigeons

Should we protect pigeons from rain?

Yes, you must protect your pigeons from rain, especially if the pigeon cage is made of wired net. It could demolish the nest. It could result in destroying the eggs or killing the baby pigeons.

Is raining dangerous for pigeons?

In summer, the normal raining might not affect the pigeons or their nest. However, thunderstorms could destroy the cage’s net as well as ruin the eggs and baby pigeons, but when it comes to normal raining, it doesn’t hurt pigeons. On the contrary, they get fresh in the rain, but too much exposure to a windy condition in the rainy season could cause problems. 

Does raining affect pigeons in the winter season?

100%. Pigeons could get affected in the winter just like we do. So you got to be protective of your pigeons in the winter season. If the temperature falls below 50 Fahrenheit where you live, you got to cover the pigeon cage, especially if they’re in the net cage. Some pigeon lovers have wooden or concrete cages for pigeons that help a lot in the winter season. 

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Is Winter dangerous for Pigeons?

It could be if you don’t take care of them. For instance, they need proper food for winter that includes sunflower seeds and linseed along with other grains and cereals such as wheat, pearl millet, and corn. However, if you protect them from the rain and windy conditions by covering with a thick sheet or cloth, they’d be just fine. I’ve seen my Uncle turn on the bulb inside the pigeon cages so that they could some warmth from bulb light.

Do viruses and diseases attack pigeons in the winter?

Yes. You must be very careful about the diseases in the winter season. It’s easier for viruses to attack pigeons in the winter because these pet pigeons get vulnerable due to the severity of the weather. 

Could an infected pigeon spread a disease to other pigeons?

If you bring in an infected pigeon to your cage, it could affect other pigeons very quickly. I’ve seen my Uncle keeping the infected pigeons separate from the rest of them so that the infection doesn’t spread to all of them.

What’s the takeaway?

So I learned that one must be protective of their pet pigeons in the rainy season. I keep an eye on the weather, especially in the winter. 

We quickly cover the pigeon cages when the rain starts to fall in the winter season.

However, raining in the summer doesn’t affect much since most of our pigeons are in the concrete cage, and some of them are in the wooden cage. We make sure to cover both of them, though.

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So this means you got to be on your toes when it’s raining if you have pigeons at home.

You shouldn’t sit back and relax if you have pet pigeons and it’s raining cats and dogs.

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