What Kind of Pigeons Cage is Better

Are you brainstorming what kind of pigeon cage is better? You might be thinking because you want to get a pet pigeons at home. We have built both concrete and wooden pigeon cages. So after getting both types of pigeon cages constructed at home, so I’m in the position to comment on this one.

Sure, I won’t be the expert at construction and whatnot, but I can share what I’ve seen or experienced by having two different pigeon cages side by side.

So if you’re going through that brainstorming phase of what kind of pigeons cage you should build, then this blog post might turn things around for you.

Isn’t it fantastic that I’m talking about all this based on my experience?

I’ve had the opportunity to get both types of pigeon cages built at home. Therefore, I could comment on this without doing any research on pigeon cages whatsoever. 

You should also know that you may find some civil engineers who could advise you better on building a pigeon cage, such as what material you should use, how to protect pigeons in the extreme weather conditions, and how you can make the pigeon cage heatproof.

All such construction hacks and technical aspects are the things I can’t comment on because it’s not my domain. All I’m talking about is what I did or learned from others along the way. However, my Uncle (the pigeon expert) has a significant role in guiding me in keeping pigeons safe and healthy at home.

What Kind of Pigeons Cage is Better?

Here are two types of pigeon cages that I got built at home:

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1. Concrete Cage

A concrete cage means the cage made with bricks, cement, and concrete. Of course, you need a construction team to build it for you. There are many benefits of the concrete cage. For example, it keeps the cage cold during the summer season and keeps the pigeons safe during thunderstorms. You can add a wire net window and door for ventilation. Furthermore, you can build pigeon compartments with bricks and concrete or feel free to add wooden boxes to your pigeon cage. 

The pigeon cage built with concrete and bricks has a longer life than a wooden cage. It may also cost more than the wooden cage. However, you can invest some money once, and it could be sufficient for the next 15 years or so. You may have to re-paint or refill some cracks over time, but the cage’s longevity made with concrete and bricks would pay for itself. 

2. Wooden Cage

The type of pigeon cage I got built at home is a wooden cage. I must admit that it’s cost-effective, quick-to-build, and easy-to-maintain. I got it built in a couple of days. The wooden cage isn’t entirely made of wood, but instead, the structure is made of wood, and the rest of the material is wire net. Most pigeon breeders don’t cover the wooden cage’s roof with the wood or any other sheet. Instead, they put the wire net all over the top to allow the pigeons to sunbathe while being in the cage. Pigeons sunbathe both in the winter and summer. 

However, I’ve noticed that wooden cages aren’t that reliable when it comes to the winter season, especially if you live in the part of the world where the temperature falls below 32 Fahrenheit. Make sure to cover up the wooden pigeon cage with a heavy cloth or sheet to keep pigeons safe from the winter and thunderstorms

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What Type of Pigeon Cage do you Prefer?

It’s your turn to share what type of pigeon cage you’ve built at home. 

I’ve shared two types of pigeon cages with you.

1. Concrete cage

2. Wooden cage

Let me know what type of pigeons cage do you like. 

If you’ve built a pigeon cage with some other material like aluminum, mud, or steel, please leave a comment underneath this blog post to share with me. You never know; there are people out there who are absolutely genius with their constructions and crazy ideas. So I’ll be thrilled to see if you built a pigeon cage with a material other than wood and concrete. 

I’ll be so interested in knowing everything you did to build a pigeon cage, especially with different materials and stuff.

Kathy Gonzales

I'm an author of pigeonsmatter.com. I have kept pigeons as pets for over 20 years and have written several articles. Here in this blog, I cover topics such as how to care for pigeons, what to feed them, and how to keep them healthy.