How Often Should You Feed Pigeons?

Have you ever wondered how often you should feed pigeons? If you’ve just landed here because you’ve got the pigeons at home and now you want an answer from the internet, then you’re at the right place. If you were a pigeon breeder or a professional pigeon expert, you would have a definite answer for this.

This blog post might help you out regarding how often you should feed your pigeons. The reason is that I was a bit curious about this myself. I have been getting into pigeons stuff these days. As I’m learning new things about keeping pigeons at home, I have new questions popping up in my mind every now and then.

So the other day, I thought to get the best answer to this question. Therefore, I reached out to my pigeon expert and consultant, who happens to be my Uncle. I sat down with him and asked a couple of questions. He has been associated with pigeons for over 40 years. He basically grew up seeing pigeons at home so he knows everything about them. 

how often should you feed pigeons?

So, I asked him how often one should feed pigeons.

Here’s his answer to that question:

It depends on the circumstances. High-flying pigeons have a different feeding schedule, whereas pigeons that don’t fly much have a different persona. To make it easier, he divided the pigeons into two categories:

1. Once a day (to high-flying pigeons)

He recommended feeding high-flying pigeons once a day. The reason is that pigeon breeders or experts don’t want their high-flying pigeons to get weight. If they put on some weight, it’ll be difficult for them to fly high or fly much longer. 

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Pigeon experts compete with other pigeon enthusiasts, and whose pigeons stay up longer than the others win the competition. So those experts are very conscious about the weight of their pigeons. Therefore, they feed once a day to such pigeons.

However, they keep such high-flying pigeons separate from the rest of them because they want to feed other pigeons normally. The reason is that they don’t want normal pigeons to suffer just because high-flying pigeons need to be fed once a day. 

2. Twice a day to regular pigeons

Normal pigeons are fed twice a day. What I mean by normal pigeons is that every other pigeon pairs or single pigeons which don’t fly-high. Some pigeons just circle a small area and get back to their home. Similarly, some pigeon pairs have baby pigeons to feed and protect so they don’t fly for a while. So they need to be fed twice a day.

I’ve seen my Uncle feeding the pigeons in the morning and evening every day. It’s pretty much the same schedule everywhere in the world. Keep in mind that don’t mix up high-flying pigeons with normal pigeons; it won’t work out. The reason is that it’ll be impossible to stop high-flying pigeons from feeding with normal pigeons if they’re together. If you’ve got a separate cage for both types of pigeons, then it’ll be a whole lot easier to feed them the way you want.

How Often Would You Feed Your Pigeons?

So tell me now, how often would you feed your pigeons now? You’re welcome to share a different experience or observation with us in the comments below. 

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Perhaps, you reached out to some other pigeons expert who goes about pigeon feeding differently.

A lot of pigeon breeders feed different types of pigeon food in the summer and winter. 

Chances are, you’d learn a different point of view on a pigeons feeding schedule as well.

So don’t shy away from sharing your experiences and learning with us in the comments section.

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