How to Pair Up Pigeons for Breeding

Pairing up pigeons may seem an impossible thing until you learn the process through research or ask your pigeon experts about how to pair up pigeons for breeding. 

Once you go through the process of pairing up pigeons, it won’t be a big deal. 

I’ve seen my Uncle pair up thousands of pigeons over the last 15 years or so. 

For those who don’t know about my Uncle, let me explain it. My Uncle is my pigeon expert. He has been associated with pigeons for over 40 years or so. 

Whenever I have any question regarding pigeons whatsoever, I reach out to him or ask him when comes over. 

So I asked him how to pair up pigeons for breeding. 

He replied with his methods of pairing up the pigeons, which I’m going to share with you all. 

Please be advised that I’m not the pigeon expert here. Everything you read here is what I learn through my research on the internet or otherwise. My Uncle is a pigeon breeder and trader, and he has been associated with pigeons for the last four decades. I often ask the Uncle questions that I come across. However, don’t consider our content on the blog as a medical or any other type of advice whatsoever. This blog’s content is based on my learning about pigeons. 

how to pair up pigeons for breeding

Here are two methods of pairing up pigeons:

1. Lock them up for a night

It may seem an unusual way of pairing pigeons, but that’s the most common method to pair pigeons up. Before I tell you what happens when you lock them up, you should know that you aren’t imprisoning pigeons for doing something bad. Instead, you’re giving them a chance to mingle when it’s dark. 

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If you’re new to pigeons’ breeding or got pigeons at home for the first time, you may feel strange about locking pigeons up in a section of the cage. Make sure they’d breathe properly. 

I remember my Uncle used to have a tiny door made of net wire and wood. He used to put the pigeons in one of the boxes in the cage, and close the box with that wire net wooden door. 

Don’t worry, as I said before, you aren’t doing something harsh to them. You don’t have to do it during the day time, but instead, you should do it at night. Pigeons don’t feed when it’s dark and they don’t need to go to the bathroom, so there is no chance you’re doing anything harmful to them. 

However, you should know that it may take up to three nights or more in some cases before they pair up properly. What happens when you lock them up is that there is no escape for them. Some pigeons fight when you lock them up for pairing, while some don’t bother much. However, it doesn’t happen very quickly because it’s something new for them. After a while, they stop fighting and get relaxed, that’s where the relationship begins. 

Most pigeons get to pair up after one night or so. Don’t worry if you see them fighting at the beginning; it’s totally normal if they feel uncomfortable for a while. As time passes, their anger or curiosity shifts into romance, and you end up pairing two pigeons. 

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2. Isolate them in a small cage

The second method of pairing up two pigeons is rather unconventional, but you can try it out as well. If you have a small wooden cage, you can simply put both these pigeons in that cage and separate them from the rest. The isolation could also work in your favor and you may end up pairing up the pigeons. 

The lock-up method is usually preferred because people don’t have an extra small cage to pair up the pigeons. So they practice lock-up method more often.

The isolation method could work just fine, but don’t put the pigeons in a large cage. It’d essentially not work because of the large room the cage has to offer.

If you want the pigeons to pair up, you need to get them closer to each other. That’s why I said that the lock-up method works the best for most pigeon breeders. 

FAQs about Pairing Up the Pigeons

Do pigeons pair up?

Of course, they pair up. The stray pigeons pair up naturally when they’re out there, while pet pigeons are usually paired up by the pigeon breeders or their owners. It doesn’t mean that pet pigeons can’t pair up on their own. They certainly can.

How long does it take for pigeons to pair up?

It usually takes one night to pair up the pigeons, but it could take up to three nights to make that happen.

How do you pair pigeons fast?

Lock them up at night in one of the pigeon compartments/boxes inside the pigeon cage, and hopefully, they’d be a pair in the morning. However, it could take a couple of more efforts to get it done. 

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How do you get pigeons to mate?

Pigeons, like any other living organism, have their needs to fulfill, for example, they need to breathe, feed, fly, and mate. All you need is to provide them a chance to mingle, and once they pair up, they’d mate. There is nothing you can do less or more to push them to mate. All it takes is the right condition and suitable environment. 

Why do pigeons peck each other?

There could be many possibilities of pecking in pigeons. The most common one is when they defend their territory, which is their nest or box. They’re protective of their babies and partners. So they peck other pigeons when they get closer.

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