How to Make Money by Buying and Selling Pigeons

I want to talk about how you can make money by buying and selling pigeons. So basically, if you’re interested in flipping stuff, it might attract you. However, you have to be a pigeon fancier to make it work. If making money is the only goal here and you don’t have any interest in pigeons whatsoever, it won’t work out for you.

Such small business ventures or side hustles succeed based on passion. The reason is that passion brings in agility and patience in an entrepreneur’s life.

I want to point out that this isn’t an entrepreneurial blog post, even though we’re going to discuss pigeon business tactics. It should interest you only if you’re excited about getting pigeons at home. Don’t get confused about pet pigeons or pigeons for selling. You can keep both types of pigeons. What happens is that when you get pet pigeons, you always buy and sell some pigeons regularly. 

There could be multiple reasons why you may sell or buy pigeons:

  • You might want to get a few new pairs of pigeons
  • You may want to pair up single pigeons
  • You may need to create some space for the new pigeons
  • You could replace some with the better breeds
  • You might want to sell the extra pigeons to make money

So there could be various reasons why you may have to sell or buy pigeons. 

The best part is that you could make money by buying and selling pigeons if you know a thing or two about pigeons. And, I’ll tell you exactly how this could happen. 

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Are you interested in that?

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How to Make Money by Buying and Selling Pigeons

Here are four ways to make money from buying and selling pigeons:

Pigeon buying and selling require your expertise and knowledge about the pigeons. You could only pull this off if you’re into pigeons. So immerse yourself into this realm and then think about making money with pigeons. One of the basic requirements for making money from buying and selling pigeons is that you know which pigeons to keep and which ones you should sell out. Let’s take a look at four ways to make money from buying and selling pigeons:

1. Join Pigeons-related Facebook Groups

First things first, you should hunt down some of the active pigeons-related Facebook group. Once you find some, go ahead and join them. You have to be strategic about using those groups. Give yourself a couple of days to understand the rules of the specific Facebook groups. 

Every Facebook group could have a different rule for posting, link-sharing, and discussions. Go through their rules and then begin with discussions and participation in the on-going conversations.

Keep an eye on every Facebook group you join, especially on the posting rules. If everyone randomly posts pictures of their pigeons and contact details for selling, then respond to some posts before you post your pigeon pictures. Go ahead with posting your pigeon pictures after three to four days of joining the group. 

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2. Post Ads on Classified Ad Sites

If you haven’t had a chance to post classified ads on free classified ads websites like Craiglist or similar, it’s time to get started with it. Chances are, you may find a local version of Craiglist if you’re in the United States. If you’re outside of the U.S., then lookout for the other classified ads websites in your country or territory. Join a couple of those free classified ads websites and post your pigeons ads on them. 

3. Visit Local Birds Market

One way to buy and sell your pigeons is by physically going down to the local birds market in your city. You may not have known or visited this place before, but it’s time for a change. Ask around and figure out where is that local bird market in the city. Just visit the market and try to buy or sell the pigeons in the local market. 

4. Run an Instagram Account

Social media is an essential pillar in today’s business success, especially in buying and selling. So now you’re going to use social media for your pigeons business. Don’t worry if you haven’t used social media before, or you have a Facebook account and have no idea about Instagram. Instagram is a pictures platform, meaning you install the app on your phone, make your account, and post pictures and the description and hashtags. If you’re confused about Instagram, feel free to ask someone about using Instagram. It’s super easy to get started on Instagram. 

All Set to Make Money with Pigeon Buying and Selling?

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You can use all four methods to make money with pigeon buying and selling. 

All you need to get started with this is a few pigeons. Furthermore, it would help if you honed in on pigeon breeding and how to take care of the pigeons so that the number of pigeons grows over time. 

A lot of pigeon breeders breed their pigeons and sell their offspring. It takes almost 4 to 5 months for a new-born baby pigeon to become an adult pigeon. So you can sell pigeons when they’re fully grown or otherwise. 

Sometimes pigeon fanciers try to get the 2 to 3 months old pigeon babies because they don’t want to wait for a couple of months to buy those pigeons.

You’ll learn the process of making money with pigeon buying and selling once you get into this business. 

It’s not rocket science, so don’t overthink how you get started with pigeon buying and selling. Focus on getting pigeons or breeding pigeons the right way instead.

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