Should You Keep Pigeons’ Cage Indoor or Outdoor?

Have you ever wondered where you should keep pigeons at home? Should you keep pigeons’ cages indoor or outdoor? Should you build the pigeon cage on the balcony or on the rooftop?

Pigeons love to be in out about and flying on a sunny day, but they also want to be safe, cozy, and warm in their nests where they can lay eggs, feed baby pigeons, and hang out.

We’ve built our pigeon cage on the rooftop like most people. Since we don’t have a long winter season and even that winter season isn’t an extreme one, so we haven’t had any problem with keeping pigeons on the rooftop. However, you should consider your weather conditions and atmosphere before deciding where to place or build your pigeons’ cage.

Furthermore, we have covers for protecting the cages during the winters and thunderstorms. Plus, the pigeon cages are made along the walls, which protects the pigeons from direct sunlight during the summer. We have been keeping and breeding pigeons for generations, so it’s been a great learning experience for me.

The reason I decided to talk about whether you should keep pigeons indoor or outdoor is that a lot of beginner pigeon fanciers get confused about putting the pigeon cage. They lookout for the perfect spot on the terrace or balcony. 

I’m not saying you shouldn’t spend time brainstorming for the pigeons, and you should definitely take care of the pigeons; all I’m saying is that you should take care of the pigeons’ basic needs and they would do just fine. The basics needs include shelter, food, water, and health. 

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Let’s briefly discuss both possibilities of keeping the pigeons’ cage indoor and outdoor.

Should you keep pigeons' cage indoor or outdoor?

The Indoor Pigeons’ Cage: Is it Good or Bad?

You might want to keep an indoor pigeons’ cage due to the heavy rain in your part of the world or extreme winter conditions or may be due to the pigeon predators, which is understandable. However, you should know that pigeons need to sunbathe even in the summer. I learned that sunlight is very important for pigeons’ health and nourishment. So keeping pigeons in an indoor pigeons’ cage means cutting off the sunbathe luxury. 

Furthermore, if you have flying pigeons, it won’t make sense to keep them indoors, anyway. So you might as well think twice before getting an indoor pigeons’ cage. The sunlight is just one factor and there might be many more that pigeon breeders can enlighten you with.

If it’s impossible for you to keep pigeons outside, then keeping them indoor might be the only choice you’re left with. Make sure that your indoor cage does have proper ventilation and warmth during the winter. Don’t hesitate to consult a pigeon expert on this before making a final decision.   

The Outdoor Pigeons’ Cage: Is it Good or Bad?

I’ve seen so many pigeon cages so far and every single of them was made in the outdoor area and mostly on the rooftop. Some of them were built with concrete and bricks, and others were made of wood. There are several advantages of keeping pigeons outdoor or on the rooftop such as pigeons can sunbathe during the day and high flying pigeons can fly away and return home whenever they like.

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When pigeons’ cage is outdoor, you won’t have to bear the smell of pigeons poop, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to clean up the pigeons cage after a few days or so. Keeping the pigeons cage clean might be good for the pigeons’ health after all.

When there are advantages of keeping pigeons outside, the chances are, there might be some disadvantages as well. Keeping pigeons outdoor means they’re likely to be exposed to pigeon predators such as cats, foxes, eagles, shikra, and many more.

Furthermore, if you have a wooden pigeon cage, you might want to cover the roof if it’s made of net wire. Most of the time, even the wooden pigeon cages have covered roofs which is a better approach from the pigeons’ safety standpoint.

Where Do You Like to Keep Pigeons Cage?

You’ve read both possibilities — the good and bad of both options. There are always risks when you have pet animals or pet birds and ensuring their safety is our duty as pet parents. 

I’ve shared both the options of keeping pigeons at home. Now it’s your turn to tell me that where you would like to put your pigeons’ cage at home.

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