How To Keep Pigeons Off Balcony?

To keep pigeons off your balcony, you can make the area less inviting by removing food sources and keeping the balcony clean. Use sound or reflected light as deterrents, such as wind chimes, Mylar balloons, aluminum foil pans, or hanging CDs, as the reflected light disorients the birds.

Additionally, you can install netting or spikes on ledges, use sound devices or ultrasonic waves, or apply a sticky repellent to surfaces. If pigeons are already roosting on your balcony, try hanging strips of tape or plastic around the perimeter, spraying the area with a water and vinegar mixture, or contacting a professional pest control company for assistance.

By using these methods, you can effectively discourage pigeons from roosting on your balcony and prevent the mess and annoyance they cause.

How To Keep Pigeons Off Balcony

Why Do We Need to Keep Pigeons Off the Balcony?

Pigeons can carry diseases and parasites that are harmful to human health, and their droppings can also carry bacteria and fungi that can cause respiratory problems and skin irritations.

Pigeons can cause damage to properties and create a messy environment with their droppings. Their cooing and nesting can also create noise and discomfort for residents.

Therefore, it is important to keep pigeons off the balcony to avoid potential health risks, property damage, and a disruptive living environment.

How Do You Keep Pigeons From Roosting On Your Balcony?

To keep pigeons from roosting on your balcony, you can use various methods. First, ensure that your balcony is clean and free of debris, as pigeons are attracted to flat surfaces where they can perch. You can also install physical barriers such as chicken wire to make it difficult for pigeons to land.

Additionally, using bird netting or bird gel can act as a repellent to deter pigeons from roosting on your balcony. When using any repellent, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe and effective use.

By incorporating these methods, you can prevent pigeons from roosting on your balcony and keep the area clean and bird-free.

Why do pigeons keep coming to my balcony?

Pigeons may keep coming to your balcony if they find food sources, such as spilled bird seed or pet food. Additionally, pigeons may come to your balcony if there is a nesting spot available, such as an old birdhouse or crevice on the railing:

  • Pigeons are not as stupid as people think.
  • They are intelligent creatures that use their smarts to survive.
  • Pigeons have an excellent memory, which helps them remember where they have been and what they have seen.
  • This might be why pigeons keep coming to your balcony, even if you haven’t fed them.
  • Pigeons may like your balcony for the good views it offers.
  • It protects from bad weather and predators.
  • Your balcony might be a good nesting place.
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How To Get Rid Of Pigeons On The Balcony?

To get rid of pigeons on the balcony, you can use various methods. First, remove food sources that are attracting them to the area. Also, make sure your balcony is kept clean and free of debris that could provide a perching spot for the pigeons.

Get rid of foodZeroVery EasyEffective
Reflective tapeLowEasyModerately effective
Old CDsLowEasyModerately effective
Repellent gelLowEasyModerately effective
Aluminum foilLowEasyModerately effective
Plastic owl decoyLowEasyEffective
Rubber snakeLowEasyEffective
Bird spikesLowEasyModerately effective
NettingMiddle-ExpensiveCan be difficultVery effective
Bird fence/wireMiddle-ExpensiveCan be difficultVery effective
Sounds of raptorsLow-MiddleEasyModerately effective
Trained raptorsExpensiveDifficultEffective
Pigeon repellent sprayLowEasyModerately effective

1. Remove Food and Water Sources:

To discourage pigeons from your balcony, clean up any spilled food or garbage and remove any water bowls. Cleaning the balcony floor of pigeon droppings is also important, but take precautions as cleaning can be hazardous to those with weakened immune systems.

2. Reflective Tape:

Using reflective and adhesive tape on the railing or wall can deter pigeons as the tape’s reflective properties will cause them to fly away from the area.

3. Old CDs:

Hang old CDs on your balcony in a way that creates movement and reflection to disturb and scare the pigeons away from roosting or nesting.

4. Repellent Gel:

Apply a viscous, oily pigeon-repellent gel to the areas where pigeons have been nesting or roosting. The gel should be reapplied every few weeks or as needed.

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5. Aluminum Foil:

Using aluminum foil on the balcony creates an uncomfortable environment for the pigeons, blocking sunlight and creating noise that deters them.

6. Plastic Owl Decoy:

Install one or more plastic owl decoys to scare the pigeons away from the balcony. Move the decoys to different locations periodically to prevent the pigeons from becoming used to them.

7. Rubber Snake:

Mimicking a predator, a rubber snake can be effective in scaring pigeons away from the balcony. Move the snake decoy around periodically to maintain its effectiveness.

8. Bird Spikes:

Install bird spikes on your balcony railing, urn, or plant pot to prevent pigeons from landing and nesting. Look for plastic spikes that won’t physically harm the pigeons.

9. Netting:

Use netting to prevent pigeons from landing on the balcony. Attach the net securely to the railing or wall to keep pigeons from getting underneath it. Note that professional installation may be needed and the netting may not be visually appealing.

10. Bird Fence/Wire:

Install a bird fence around the perimeter of the balcony, using pre-made bird fences or creating one with chicken wire. The fence should be tall enough to keep pigeons from getting onto the balcony. Professional installation may be required, and the fence may not be aesthetically pleasing.

11. Sounds of Raptors:

Scare pigeons away by playing sounds of raptors, as they will believe a predator is nearby. This is a cost-effective and chemical-free method to deter pigeons.

12. Trained Raptors:

Using trained raptors, such as hawks or falcons, can effectively deter pigeons from landing on a balcony. However, hiring a professional with a trained raptor can be costly and may only provide short-term relief. This method also involves killing pigeons, which we do not recommend.

13. Pigeon Repellent Spray:

Apply pigeon repellent spray on areas where pigeons are likely to land, such as the railing, furniture, or door top. The foul smell will discourage pigeons from coming near.

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Note: Trained raptors and pigeon repellent spray are not recommended as they include killing pigeons or using foul smells.


How Do You Keep Pigeons From Pooping On Your Balcony?

To keep pigeons from pooping on your balcony, you can install a physical barrier such as chicken wire or use visual deterrents like fake owls or snakes. Additionally, a chemical deterrent, such as bird-repellent spray, can make your balcony unappealing to them.

What Can You Do To Keep Pigeons Away From Your Balcony?

To keep pigeons away from your balcony, you can keep the area clean and free of food scraps, install a physical barrier like chicken wire or netting, and use sonic repellent devices to deter the birds from entering the area.

Are pigeon droppings harmful to humans?

Pigeon droppings can be harmful to humans as they contain bacteria and can spread diseases like Histoplasmosis. People with weakened immune systems should be very careful and take proper precautions when cleaning up pigeon droppings and breathing in spores. In addition, pigeon droppings can cause damage to buildings and property due to their acidic nature, which can corrode metal and concrete.

What do pigeons hate?

Pigeons seem to dislike loud noises, being around other animals, especially predators, and the smell of vinegar.

How to deter pigeons?

Ways to deter pigeons include using repellents, making the area uncomfortable with noise-emitting machines, and installing scary-looking fake owls to scare them away.

How to Scaring Pigeons with Sound?

Pigeons can be scared away by loud noises or bird scare machines that play the sounds of predators or thunderstorms.

How to Keep Pigeons Away from Balcony Plants?

To keep pigeons away from balcony plants, you can use wire mesh fences or visual deterrents like predator decoys.

How to Keep Pigeons Away from Apartment Balcony?

Install a wire fence or hang fake predator birds or snakes near the edge of the balcony to scare the pigeons away.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons Naturally?

Use a fake owl or hawk to scare them away, or put up a fence or netting to keep them from landing.


The best way to keep pigeons off your balcony is to make sure there is no food or water for them. You can do this by keeping your balcony clean and free of any food or water sources. You can also try using a bird net or bird spikes to keep them from landing on your balcony.

If you have any questions about how to keep pigeons off your balcony, feel free to leave a comment below.

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