How to Make Pigeon Nest

If you’re wondering how to make pigeon nest, then it means either you want to get pigeons as in pets at home or you’re trying out to help out stray pigeons that sit on your balcony or window. I’ll help guide you how you can make pigeon nest at home — don’t worry, I’ll consult the experts in the family. I’m no pigeon guru.

So, I’m guessing you want to make those pigeons feel home. Right?

It’s great that you’re thinking this way.

I grew up seeing pigeons at home; my family is keeping pigeons for at least 40 years. It doesn’t matter how long we have been associated with pigeons.

The best part is that now I’m a little bit interested in pigeons myself, which is interesting because I have been seeing pigeons for well over two decades at home, but never took interest in them until now.

Enough with the family-history with pigeons.

Let’s focus on the point: how to make pigeon nest

It’s necessary to understand what pigeons use to make their nest.

how to make pigeons nest

Things Pigeons Use for Making Nest


If you ever see pigeons on the side of the road or in the park, it means they’re up to something. Turns out, they don’t always look out for the food, but instead, they also collect various things including dead grass to make their nest.


It may be difficult for you to look out for twigs, but pigeons could find them somehow. It’s one of the essentials for their making their nest. I’ve seen my uncle breaking a bundle of twigs or putting twigs broom into the pigeons’ cage so that they could make their nest and lay eggs.

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Leaves are something you don’t see in the pigeons’ nest, especially if you have pigeons in the cage, but stray pigeons essentially collect a wide range of items to make their nest under the bridges or on the trees. Therefore, leaves could be a vital thing pigeons use for making nest.


I’ve seen pigeons collecting broken feathers of other pigeons or even taking out their weaker feathers, who would have gone otherwise, to build their nest. They stitch their nest so that their eggs, and later on, baby pigeons could be stay safe.

Types of Pigeon Nest You Can Make

Here are two types of pigeon nest that I’ve seen so far:

pigeons cages wooden vs. concrete

1. Wooden Boxes

Simply put, if you aren’t building a cage or a home for (your pet) pigeons, then probably wooden boxes seem more understandable. What I mean by wooden boxes is that they are simply small boxes made of wood in which two pigeons and a couple of baby pigeons can live for a while.

We’ve built a few boxes for doves and sparrows as they’re lovely uninvited guests that we adore. If pigeons come around your balcony or window, you should definitely consider building wooden boxes or check out a local hardware shop or a supermarket to find something similar to that.

2. Concrete Boxes

Concrete boxes mean boxes with shelves made of bricks or concrete. My uncle is a fan of building concrete boxes for the pigeons. What he does is that he builds sides with bricks and put a concrete roof on top of those bricks. They made a very solid and durable home for the pigeons at home.

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However, these concrete boxes could work best for your (pet) pigeons because stray pigeons might not want to get into the cage or they won’t be comfortable if you close the door. It’s obvious that they’re used to of living freely.

So consider building concrete boxes for home pigeons not for stray pigeons.

Let’s conclude this

I shared that what pigeons need for making their nest. Now you can provide them with the essentials of building their nest.

You know that it won’t cost you much to do so. In case, you have a garden, you might not need to worry about the grass or twigs, the pigeons would take of stuff themselves. What you can do is buy them birds food so that they could stay comfortably and make your garden or balcony their home.

But if you live in an apartment or flat and you don’t have any garden, then you can surely get a wooden box or a birds cage for pigeons.

If you have pigeons or other pets, you would know how comforting and satisfactory it is to take care of animals or birds around you. If you’d do something for pigeons or other birds around you, you’d feel that comfort for sure. I can say this because I have a dog, and we have dozens of pigeons at home.

Would you be interested in making pigeons nest?

Let me know in the comments section.

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